Seating Arrangements

Are you particular about where you sit when you go out to eat? If you have friends who have worked as bouncers, security or in high risk military positioning,chances are that they are. I have other friends who are more concerned about whether or not their seat is padded than if they can see the door. In that situation, I choose the seat with the view…of the door.

As the Ghost Ship Fire taught us, it is important to know where exits are. It is important to have an escape route in the back of you mind when ever you go somewhere, but to also keep an eye on who is coming in. After the Batman shooting in Aurora, the threat of an active shooter is no longer only an overactive imagination.

Building good habits requires practice. Instead of feeling boredom and perhaps checking your phone, look at the people who come in the door and imagine how you would describe them to police if they committed a violent act. I’m not suggesting you ruin your heart to heart brunch with your best friend by keeping detailed notes and not paying attention to your meal. Just practice visual scans periodically. Not only is this a good practice for safety reasons, it benefits your brain as well.

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