The Dangerous Habit of Multi-Tasking

In high school I discovered the art of multi-tasking. I would complete homework for my next class while listening to a lecture or watching a movie. It wasn’t because I was a procrastinator, it was because I could get away with it. This habit even became a resume skill and seemingly beneficial characteristic.

Attention, like time is a finite resource which gets wasted far too often. I know because I have been guilty of looking up reviews or directions while walking to a new restaurant or office building. In a perfect world, I would only be risking accidentally stepping into a pile of dog poop.

Most of the time when we look at our phones we use a fingers together opposite the thumb position, perfect for getting our phones snatched right out of our hands. Most of us have a lot of personal information stored in our phones and can not risk losing them. So what is the solution?

Situational Awareness

Mindfulness is more than a new age trend. It is authentically living your life. It is not feeding a fear of missing out or dividing your attention. Look at the people around you. Does anything seem out of place? Is anyone paying you too much attention?

If you do need to look at your phone in public, you can make it a little harder to snatch out of your hands by using your pointer finger to hook the top of your phone. Keep a password on you phone and find an app you remotely disable you phone in the event it gets stolen.You barely have to lift a finger

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