In the kid’s class at the Jiujitsu school (where I work and train) the other coach and I had the students practice resisting a kidnapping attempt. First we started with escaping wrist grabs by turning their thumb towards the bad guy’s thumb and pulling back. Then we had them practice lowering their stance, so that they were sitting on the ground while the bad guy was still trying to pull on their wrist. Then we had them drill an up-kick by just high-fiving the bad guy’s other hand with their foot.

Most of the time you don’t need to teach kid’s to raise their voices or yell, but many adults have had that impulse conditioned out of them. In a recent training I gave for the local library I had the participants practice using short words to set boundaries. When the adrenaline is pumping, it can be hard to utter more than a syllable or two. I like the words”stop” or “space” because they are hard to misinterpret. As I told the group in the training, it doesn’t help to just say the word, you have to imagine throwing it at the person who is threatening you.

It is important to cause a scene if someone is trying to abduct you/take you to another location. As Sanford Strong said: NEVER let them take you to another location. Do not co-operate. If they are intent on harming you, it is better to have it happen where there are witnesses or cameras. If you think about it, really bad stuff can happen in a secluded location.

tldr: Resist! Fight back! Make noise! Don’t go to a second location!

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